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What is a BLB?

What is a BLB?


BLB stands for Bo Lo Bao (菠蘿包). It’s a light and fluffy baked sweet bun with a golden crispy and crumbly cookie crust popular in Hong Kong. A ubiquitous classic, it is commonly eaten during breakfast or as an afternoon snack. The name literally means “pineapple bun" but the baked good actually does not traditionally contain any pineapple or pineapple flavouring. It comes from the appearance of the cracked crust which resembles the outside of the tropical fruit. The contrast of texture between the crust and the bun is what makes eating the BLB uniquely enjoyable!



About BLB & Co.


Although appreciative of many different types of bake goods, founder Stuart Li was in search of a direction that represented his own identity. BLB & Co. was created with this in mind and is expressive of his birth heritage from Hong Kong, growing up in the multicultural city of Toronto, Canada, as well as his world travel experiences. The menu thoughtfully encompasses the tastes, flavours and textures of all these experiences!


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